Substitute any item from the following entrées:

Chicken Apritada
A slowly simmered tomato-based stew with red bell peppers and potatoes

Beef Mechado
A semi-sweet, slow cooked tomato-based stew with chunks of beef, red bell peppers, potatoes and whole peppercorns

Chicken, Calamari or Pork Adobo
Vinegar and soy sauce combination with your choice of meat cooked with tons of fresh garlic and a hint of bay leaves

Rafael’s Special Dinuguan
A traditional favorite spiced up with just the right amount of both jalapeno and banana peppers

Oyster Sauce Shrimp and Mussels**
New Zealand Green Mussels sautéed with ginger and garlic oyster sauce topped over green beans and mushrooms

Salmon topped with a Thai Sweet Chile Sauce**
Wild caught Pacific salmon fillets pan-seared then oven-baked

Salmon in Lemon Butter & Garlic Sauce**
Wild caught Pacific salmon fillets pan-seared then oven-baked

Beef Meatballs
Smothered with our own thick & unique mushroom and garlic gravy or with a Sweet and Bold BBQ Sauce

Turkey with Giblet Gravy**
Slices of both white and dark turkey meat served with our own special blend of holiday giblet gravy

Macaroni Salad
Elbow macaroni shells cooked al dente folded in our sweet and tangy sauce

Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
Cut into bite-sized portions

Fresh Fruit Bowl**
Seasonal variety of fresh cantaloupe, honey-dew, grapes and strawberries

Fruit Salad
Canned tropical fruit mixed, chilled and gently folded in with our own white and sweet cream sauce made with condensed milk

* Because some entrées may have a price differential, please note that some substitutions may affect the price of your package. Additional charges may apply.

** Seasonal Market Price Value