Pickup Packages are for events with 50-75 guests and you can choose from either the International Filipino Menu or the Classic American Menu starting at $10.85 per person. We call them Pickup Packages because you can choose to pick up this order or we can deliver it as well (subject to delivery fees and taxes).

Pick-Up Packages

You can make changes substitutions to any item on the menu.  Some changes may incur a cost depending on the value of each item.

A. International Filipino Menu @ $10.85 per person:

1. Rotisserie Chicken
2. Menudo
3. Pork Ribs
4. Garlic Mashed Potatoes with gravy
5. Pancit
6. Pakbet OR Mixed Vegetables(Fresh Lumpia)?
7. Roast Beef slices with gravy

For 50 People: $542 +tx
For 75 People: $813 +tx

Whole Roasted Lechon: $400

Our special slow roasted USDA approved whole Lechon weighs 60-65 lbs. and comes with our own homemade Sarsa. BBQ and Thai sweet chili sauce also available upon request.

B. Classic American Menu@ $10.85 per person:

1. Tossed Green Salad w/ Ranch Dressing
2. Rotisserie Chicken
3. Savory Pasta OR Shrimp Fettuccine?
4. Garlic Mashed Potatoes with gravy
5. Roast Beef with gravy
6. Pork Ribs
7. Baked Ham OR Beef Meatballs?

For 50 People: $542 +tx
For 75 People: $813 +tx

C. Create your own package by choosing any entrée

Prices Per Pan:
1⁄2 Pan   (feeds approx. 30 people)  $70
Full Pan (feeds approx. 60 people) $130

*Extra Charges or Roast Beef and Salmon

Our Delivery Service Charge for packages for 50 or 75 guests includes all the heating dishes, heating fuel and serving utensils for the food.  Our staff will setup your order, make sure the food is hot and ready by the time your guest are to eat, and at the end of your event, we'll comeback and pickup your equipment.

  • In Vallejo = 10% of the Total Price, 15% for American Canyon & Benicia
  • Areas within a 10-15 mile radius from Vallejo = 20% of the Total Price
  • Areas within a 15-20 mile radius from Vallejo = 25% of the Total Price
  • Some areas may not be available for delivery